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ANSWatch - a
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ANSWatch® Wrist Monitor
- Combining ECG, Blood Pressure, and Pulse
Analyzer functions into one Integrated
Portable Device
If you are a medical professional

ANSWatch provides:

ANSWatch will benefit the following professionals:
  • Researchers working on HRV studies
  • Researchers working on cardiac arrhythmias
  • Psychiatrists
  • Neurologists
  • Cardiologists
  • Internists
  • Chinese Herbal Doctors
  • Family physicians
  • Psychologists
  • Physical therapists
  • Acupuncturists
  • Integrated and alternative medicine
  • Supplement specialists
  • Health club, spa, and gym instructors
  • Yoga,Chi,Qi masters
  • On-site employee healthcare specialists
  • Graduate students towards M.S./ Ph.D. work
If you are a Health-Centric individual

ANSWatch helps you to monitor:

ANSWatch will benefit the following individuals:
  • Those who practice preventive care activities
  • Patients who are monitoring post-treatment recovery
  • People who have cardiovascular diseases and are
    taking prescription drugs
  • People who experience unstable blood pressures or
    irregular heartbeats
  • Patients who have depression, anxiety, or panic
    disorder and are taking psychotic drugs
  • Diabetic patients who need to monitor peripheral
    neuropathy or heart problems
  • Patients who are recommended by their physicians to
    conduct frequent home tests
ANSWatch Series - Three Models
  • ANSWatch Pro - complete test functions, electronic patient record system, real-time pulse wave display on PC monitor during
    test, further analysis and print-out of patient test reports after data download to PC
  • ANSWatch Deluxe - Similar to ANSWatch Pro test functions but without pulse waveform analysis; Tests conducted without
    connection to PC followed by data sync to PC for test reports printing and further analysis (this model can not connect to PC
    during test)
  • ANSWatch Standard - Similar to ANSWatch Deluxe test functions but can not download test data to PC.  Stored test data are
    viewed on device LCD
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- South Arctic, Argentina, 2018
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We are grateful to the following
universities, hospitals, clinics,
alternative medicine,and medical
research organizations  for early
adoption of ANSWatch (in random
more than 250 worldwide;
Individuals not listed)

  • Free univ of Brussels (VUB), Belgium
  • Universita degli studi di Pavia, Milano, Italy
  • Landesklinikum Klosterneuburg, Austria
  • Asia Network Co., Ltd., Fukuoka, Japan
  • IPSP-WONM University
  • PT. U-Sun International, Indonesia
  • Aryamed Wellness Clinic, Ulaanbaatar,
  • My Wellness Center (Evadne Yu),
    Gaithersburg,MD, USA
  • British Columbia Qualified Acupuncturists
    and TCM Practitioners Association
  • Dr. S.T Huang, TCM, Ph.D.,Vancouver,
  • Taipei Representative Office, Singapore
  • Biofeedback of Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Echeveste Chiropratic, Guipuzcoa, Spain
  • Center for Performance and Longevity, Utah, U.S.A.
  • Rocaus International Pty., Ltd., Australia
  • Natural Way WholeFood Inc., New York, USA
  • Lynn Health Science Research Institute, Oklahoma,
  • Medical Physics Corporation, Utah, U.S. A.
  • Nutrilite Health Institute. U.S.A.
  • YANG-CONG-CAI Clinic, Sindian Branch, New
    Taipei City
  • National Cheng Kung University Institute of
    Technology, Taiwan
  • National Defense Medical Center Department of
    Nursing, Taiwan
  • U-Sun Healthcare PTE LTD, Singapore
  • Tri-Service General Hospital Department of
    Respiratory Therapy, Taiwan
  • Medical College of Chung Shan Medical University
    Chinese and Western medicine, Taiwan
  • Jhao-ru elderly Nursing Home, Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Electro Meridian Analysis System (EMAS), Worldwide
HRV and Cardiovascular Journal
Papers Review - 2011-04
(Subject: Hypotension, Unstable Blood Pressures,
Baroreflex Failure, and dysautonomia)

  • The clinical problems in cardiovascular control following spinal
    cord injury: an overview.   Prog Brain Res.  2006; 152:223-9
    (ISSN: 0079-6123) Krassioukov A; Claydon VE  International
    Collaboration on Repair Discoveries (ICORD), University of
    British Columbia, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada.

  • Editor’s note: Patients with cervical and upper thoracic
    spinal cord injury face the challenge of managing their
    unstable blood pressure, which frequently results in
    persistent hypotension and/or episodes of uncontrolled

On a daily basis, individuals with cervical and upper thoracic spinal
cord injury face the challenge of managing their unstable blood
pressure, which frequently results in persistent hypotension and/or
episodes of uncontrolled hypertension. This chapter will focus on the
clinical issues related to abnormal cardiovascular control in individuals
with spinal cord injury, which include neurogenic shock, autonomic
dysreflexia and orthostatic hypotension.
Headline News on
Preventive Medicine
Do you have     
- are you monitoring   
- are you taking
prescription drugs?
- are you aware of drug
side effects on ANS?
- self-improvement tips
Read more......
Feeling dizzy      
or even fainted?
- are you low in blood
pressure or heart rate?
- are you taking
prescription drugs?
- You may experience
Baroreflex failure
Read more......
Mitral Valve Prolapse?
- Mitral valve is the
bicuspid valve between left
atrium and ventricle
- If mitral valve is not
closed properly (called
mitral valve prolapse
MVP), the blood may
backflow during pumping
- there is a strong
connection between panic
attackes and MVP
- How to detect it?
Read more......
Am I having   
- autonomic nervous
system works to fine tune
body conditions depending
on physiological needs
- ANS consists of two
branches: sympathetic and
- do you have balanced
- what are the symptoms of
Read more......
Irregular heartbeats?
- often noticing abnormal
heartbeats (missing,
uneven, or super-fast)?
- Yo might have cardiac
- Most sudden death
events are preceded by
irregular heartbeats
Read more......
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individuals) for
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ANSWatch Latest Publication
  • Our R&D team presented a paper titled "ANSWatch– a Novel Portable Multi-functional Wrist Monitor System for Clinical Applications in Integrated and Preventive
    Medicine" at 5th International Symposium on Natural Medicine, July 29, 2011 (Fri) ~ July 31, 2011 (Sun),  Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur
  • The paper is co-authored by D.C. Sun1&4,Y.H. Chang2,Arthur Chen3, Justin Clark4 (1 Taiwan Scientific Corporation, 2 China Medical University, 3 U-Sun
    Healthcare PTE LTD, 4 Sun Scientific Corp.)
  • Abstract: "Recently approved by Taiwan FDA and certified by ISO 13485, CE Mark, and EN60601, ANSWatch wrist monitor combines functions of blood pressure
    meter, ECG, and traditional Chinese finger pulse diagnosis into a single portable device. The wrist monitor .... (read entire abstract)
Product Breaking News!
US FDA just granted 510K market release approval for
our patient wrist monitors (
see approval pages)
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