2010-11-22 New Links Seen Between Depression and Diabetes - Study Shows Depression May Raise Risk of Diabetes and Vice Versa


Depression and diabetes may be linked, according to new research in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

"People usually think of these as two isolated conditions, but there is growing evidence that they are linked behaviorally and biologically,” says study researcher Frank Hu, MD, PhD, MPH, professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston. “This data provide strong evidence that we should not consider these two isolated conditions any longer.”

About 23.5 million Americans have diabetes, and about 14.8 million Americans have major depressive disorder in a given year, according to statistics in the new report.

Of the 65,381 women aged 50 to 75 in 1996 who were study participants, 2,844 women were newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and 7,415 women developed depression in the ensuing 10 years.(Read entire article)

2010-11-24 Study: The Link Between Diabetes and Depression Goes Both Ways


Two common conditions — depression and diabetes — frequently appear together, and a new study by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that each illness may be both a consequence and a contributor to the other.

The 10-year study followed 65,381 women, ages 50 to 75, who were participating in the Nurses' Health Study. Over the course of the research, depression and new cases of Type 2 diabetes were monitored: 2,844 women from the group were diagnosed with diabetes and 7,415 women developed depression — unsurprising numbers based on the prevalence of both illnesses. (Read entire article)