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                      World General Federation of Nature Medicine Society
                          5th International Symposium on Natural Medicine
                July 29, 2011 (Fri) ~ July 31, 2011 (Sun),  Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

   ANSWatch– a Novel Portable Multi-functional Wrist Monitor System for Clinical   
                  Applications in Integrated and Preventive Medicine

                   D.C. Sun1,Y.H. Chang2,Arthur Chen3, Justin Clark4 ,
1 Taiwan Scientific Corporation, 2 China Medical University, 3 U-Sun Healthcare    
                                PTE LTD, 4 Sun Scientific Corp.


Recently approved by Taiwan FDA and certified by ISO 13485, CE Mark, and EN60601, ANSWatch wrist monitor
combines functions of blood pressure meter, ECG, and traditional Chinese finger pulse diagnosis into a single
portable device. The wrist monitor is designed to wear on the patient’s left wrist and measures systolic blood
pressure, diastolic blood pressure, mean blood pressure, heart rate,  heart rate variability (HRV) parameters, and
irregular heartbeats in about seven minutes. It also conducts in-depth pulse waveform analysis after data download
to a PC, simulating traditional Chinese finger pulse diagnosis. In the recent human clinical studies, ANSWatch was
shown to produce accurate blood pressures, HRV and heart rate results when compared to a mercury-based
sphygmomanometer and an ECG (linear correlation coefficient above 0.90). In this paper, several clinical
applications in integrated medicine for ANSWatch were illustrated, with focuses on HRV-age-sex-disease
relationships, arterial hardening, cardiac arrhythmias, mitral valve prolapse (MVP), sympathetic block due to
paralysis, and deep breathing (often practiced in Qi and yoga). HRV, an index for total activity of autonomic
nervous system, was shown to decrease with age, anxiety /depression, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and
cardiovascular diseases. Men’s HRV were lower than women, but the difference disappeared post-menopause.
Arterial hardening was indicated by the vascular stiffness index higher than 100. The index increased with
increasing primary peak angle and also with a higher position of the valley point between the primary peak and the
dicrotic notch. The valley point corresponds to the closure of the aortic valve and signifies the end of the systole.  
Several forms of arrhythmias were observed, including delayed heartbeat, premature ventricular contraction (PVC)
or early heartbeat, missing heartbeat, constant irregular heartbeat, and atrial fibrillation (AF). MVP often exhibited
regurgitation (or back flow of blood into the left atrium during systole) which produced multiple small peaks
preceding the next pulse waveform. Partial paralysis from the neck down in a trauma patient caused the
sympathetic nerve signal to be blocked intermittently and resulted in blood pressure fluctuation. On the other hand,
controlled deep breathing brought the blood pressure waveform up and down in a periodic manner, which tended
to activate parasympathetic nervous system and thus increased HRV.  This accurate and yet easy-to-operate
ambulatory patient monitor may play a significant role in integrated medicine as well as preventive care in the near

Keywords: ANSWatch, Pulse diagnosis, Heart rate variability, HRV, Autonomic nervous system, arrhythmia, mitral
valve prolapse, arterial hardening, sympathetic block
Download the entire Paper
(14 Mb, PDF format)