2010-10-21 'Wealth Hormone' May Lead to Longer Life


Now scientists have gone a step further, finding a specific hormone that links wealth with a longer life. The hormone is called DHEAS–or dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate–a natural steroid produced by the brain, adrenal glands and sexual organs. 

Those with higher levels of DHEAS tend to exercise more, have more hobbies and have closer relationships with friends and family. They also tend to live longer.(Read entire article)

2010-10-21 Hormone can help you live longer


Scientists believe they have found a hormone naturally created in the body that may help people live longer.

The study, which identified the substance known as DHEAS, is apparently more plentiful in richer people, though further research is needed on this point.

Researcher leader Professor Sir Michael Marmot said that while tablets, patches or injections may in the future boost the level of DHEAS, leading a more fulfilling life could at present have a similar effect. (Read entire article)