2010-08-03 Mediterranean diet tied to lower breast cancer risk


Women who follow a traditional Mediterranean diet may have a lower risk of developing breast cancer after menopause than women with different eating habits, a new study suggests.

Researchers found that among 14,800 Greek women followed for a decade, those who kept most closely to the region's traditional diet were less likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than those whose eating habits were least Mediterranean-like.

The link was seen only among women who were past menopause, and not younger women. Among postmenopausal women, those with the highest Mediterranean diet "scores" were 22 percent less likely to develop breast cancer during the study than those with the lowest scores.(Read entire article)

2005-01-10 Why does Mediterranean diet protect women from breast cancer? It's in the olive oil



Olive oil contains Oleic Acid - it seems that Oleic Acid is the important ingredient that protects women from breast cancer. Scientists have often wondered and disagreed on why the Mediterranean diet helps women lower their risk of developing breast cancer and why it also protects us from many forms of heart disease - perhaps, now scientists at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago have the answer (with regards to breast cancer).


Team leader, Dr. Javier Menendez, said that oleic acid (found in olive oil) blocks the action of a cancer causing oncogene - HER-2/neu. HER-2/neu is found in one third of all breast cancer patients. (Read entire article)