2010-06-08 Secondhand smoke may harm mental health


Other people's smoke is bad for your lungs and bad for your heart, and new research suggests it could be bad for your mental health, too.

Researchers found that non-smokers exposed to a lot of secondhand smoke were 50 percent more likely to suffer from psychological distress than those not exposed to other people's smoke.

And their risk of being admitted to a psychiatric hospital over the next six years was nearly tripled (it was almost quadrupled for smokers).(Read entire article)

2010-06-08 Secondhand Smoke May Have Negative Affect on Mental Health


A study from the University College of London has added another item to the long list of health risks of secondhand smoke — mental illness.

Research conducted on 8,155 men and women found that adults who were exposed to secondhand smoke had a higher level of nicotine residue in their blood, and as a result had a 50 percent higher risk of psychological distress, TIME.com reported.

"Clearly something is going on even at very low levels, which is quite worrying," said Mark Hamer, who led the research at the University College of London. (Read entire article)