2010-05-28 Anxiety disorders may boost heart attack risk


Adding to evidence that mental health conditions may affect heart health, a new study finds that veterans with anxiety disorders have an increased risk of heart attack.

Using medical records from nearly 97,000 U.S. veterans, researchers found that those with any of several anxiety disorders had a higher risk of suffering a heart attack over the next seven years than vets without the mental health conditions.

The findings, reported in the American Heart Journal, build on evidence linking mental health to heart health.(Read entire article)

2010-06-10 Heart Attack Risk 40 per cent Higher in Anxious Men


Older men, with no previous history of heart disease, increase their risk of a heart attack by as much as 40 per cent if they have longstanding anxiety problems. Research published in the January issue of the American College of Cardiology points to anxiety as a key risk factor and one that is independent of other common risk factors.

 “What we are seeing is over and beyond what can be explained by blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol, age, cigarette smoking, blood sugar levels and other cardiovascular risk factors,” said Professor Biing-Jing Shen, Ph.D., the author of the report. (Read entire article)