2010-01-25 New Genetic Links for Pancreatic Cancer - Three Newly Identified Genetic Variants May Help Explain Pancreatic Cancer Risk


At least three newly discovered genetic variants may contribute to pancreatic cancer risk, according to a new study.

Researchers say it’s the largest study to date to identify potential genetic risk factors for the mysterious disease.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancers, with 200,000 new cases diagnosed each year worldwide, and nearly that many deaths caused by the disease each year. Statistics show that less than 5% of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are alive more than five years after diagnosis.(Read entire article)

Genetics of Pancreatic Cancer


Studying the Likelihood of Cancer Development

University of Chicago physician-scientists are studying the genes of cancer patients and their families with the goal of preventing cancer or finding cancer before it may become incurable.

"We are the only comprehensive program in Chicago that offers genetic testing and screening for pancreatic cancer," says Funmi Olopade, MD, director of the Center for Clinical Cancer Genetics. Every patient who comes through the center, she says, should have a family history taken and will be offered genetic testing.(Read entire article)