2009-12-03 Study finds no brain tumor link with mobile phones


(Reuters) - A very large, 30-year study of just about everyone in Scandinavia shows no link between cellphone use and brain tumors, researchers reported on Thursday.

Even though mobile telephone use soared in the 1990s and afterward, brain tumors did not become any more common during this time, the researchers reported in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Some activist groups and a few researchers have raised concerns about a link between cellphones and several kinds of cancer, including brain tumors, although years of research have failed to establish a connection.(Read entire article)

2009-12-03 Cell Phones and Brain Tumors: No Connection? - Study Finds 'No Observable Effect' of Cell Phone Usage on Brain Tumor Incidence


Scientists say they could find no substantial change in the incidence trend of brain tumors among a study group of 60,000 people five to 10 years after cell phone usage rose sharply in the countries where they lived.

Cell phones have been mentioned for years as possible causes of brain tumors, but the new study, published in the Dec. 3 online issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, found no cell phone-related increase during this study period.(Read entire article)