2009-10-27 Diabetics with Alzheimer's have slower memory loss


(Reuters) - People who have both Alzheimer's disease and diabetes have slower rates of memory loss than people who just have Alzheimer's, French researchers said on Tuesday.

They studied 600 Alzheimer's patients for four years and found those who had both Alzheimer's and diabetes -- about 10 percent of the total -- scored far better on twice yearly memory and thinking tests than those with Alzheimer's who did not have diabetes.

"This result was surprising," said Dr. Caroline Sanz of the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research, whose study appears in the journal Neurology.(Read entire article)

2009-10-28 Finding That Memory Loss Is Slower In Alzheimer's Patients With Diabetes Surprises Researchers


Researchers from France and the UK who set out to investigate whether people with Alzheimer's disease and diabetes have more rapid memory loss were surprised to find not only that they did not, but that their memory loss was actually slower than that of Alzheimer's patients without diabetes. Speculating on the reasons, they suggested it could be the effect of diabetes drugs, or that Alzheimer's patients with diabetes have different kinds of lesions in the brain.

The study was the work of first author Dr Caroline Sanz, of INSERM, the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research in Toulouse, and colleagues, and is published in the 27 October print issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. (Read entire article)