2009-10-19 Why are preemies more likely to develop autism?


(Reuters Health) - Researchers have long seen signs of autism in children born prematurely, and some studies have suggested that such signs can develop into full-blown autism in childhood. A study out Monday suggests that complications during pregnancy and early life may be responsible for this early risk.

It's unclear just how many children born prematurely will develop autism. The study, in the November issue of Pediatrics, included 1216 children with autistic disorders and 6080 without.(Read entire article)

2009-01-29 Study Suggests Preemie, Autism Link - 1 in 5 Toddlers Showed Autism Signs in New Study


There is growing evidence linking very premature birth to a dramatic increase in autism risk, but more study is needed to confirm the association.

Last spring, researchers from Harvard Medical School and McGill University reported that one in four very low birth weight preemies showed early signs of autistic behavior when evaluated before age 2 in a study involving 91 children.

Now a much larger study shows that one in five toddlers born more than three months early showed early signs of autism spectrum disorder, regardless of their weight at birth. (Read entire article)