2009-09-02 Wine may curb toxic skin effects of radiation


(Reuters Health) - Cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment may want to sip some red wine before treatment.

A study in women with breast cancer found that drinking red wine can help limit the toxic effects of radiation therapy.

"The possibility that particular dietary practices or interventions can reduce radiation-induced toxicity is very intriguing," Dr. Gabriella Macchia, of Catholic University, Campobasso, Italy, noted in an email to Reuters Health.(Read entire article)

2009-08-14 Wine May Shield Breast Cancer Patients From Radiation Side Effects


Wine May Shield Breast Cancer Patients From Radiation Side Effects
Italian study suggests its natural antioxidants protect the skin

A glass of wine a day cut the risk of treatment-linked skin toxicity by two-thirds in women undergoing radiation therapy for breast cancer, Italian researchers report.

Skin reactions are a common side effect of cancer radiation therapy, and, while medications can help prevent these problems, they can be expensive and often have their own side effects. In some cases, drugs used to reduce radiation-linked side effects can actually protect breast cancer tumor cells, according to a news release from the American Society for Radiation Oncology. (Read entire article)