2009-02-03 Heart Rate Predicts Women's Heart Risk - Study Shows Resting Heart Rate May Predict Heart Attacks in Postmenopausal Women


A woman's resting pulse rate is a good predictor of her heart attack risk regardless of other risk factors, such as smoking and alcohol consumption, researchers say.

A team of scientists analyzed records of 129,135 postmenopausal women who had no history of heart problems. Their pulse rates were measured at the start of the study. The researchers found that during almost eight years of follow-up, women with the highest heart rates -- at or above 76 beats per minute -- were much more likely to suffer a heart attack than the women with the lowest resting pulse rates, 62 beats per minute or less.(Read entire article)

2009-02-04 Women's heart rate helps detect heart disease risk


(Reuters Health) The study published in the British Medical Journal showed that postmenopausal women who had the highest resting heart rate were 26 percent more likely to suffer a heart attack or die from cardiovascular disease than those with the lowest rates.

Previous studies have linked resting heart rate to such problems in men but the relationship has been less certain for women, in part because trials did not include enough women to get a statistically significant result, researchers said.

"You can't assume it applies in women the same as men," said Judith Hsia, a researcher who led the study while at George Washington University in Washington. "The onus is on the scientists to show it, and for heart rate now we have." (Read entire article)