2008-11-21 Scientists: Enzyme May Have Fountain of Youth Effect


Scientists at the Spanish National Cancer Center in Madrid, Spain, think that by boosting a certain enzyme naturally created in the body, a person could live a longer life, London’s Daily Telegraph reported.

Scientists say the finding may one day pave the way to create a product that would have a fountain of youth effect.

As the body ages, cells divide, leading the protective caps on the ends of chromosomes to become shorter and ragged. Eventually, the cell dies.(Read entire article)

2007-09-21 A Fountain of Youth in Mitochondria? - A recently discovered cell survival switch could be key to increasing longevity.


Cranking up an enzyme in a cell's powerhouse--the mitochondria--makes the cell resilient to stress and death, according to a study published today in the journal Cell. The findings could provide a new set of targets for drugs to treat the diseases related to aging, including Alzheimer's and diabetes. Scientists say that the research might also point to the long-sought source of caloric restriction's life-extending benefits. (Read entire article)