2008-11-11 Low Heart Disease Risk? Test May Show Otherwise - Neck Ultrasounds Show 'Low Risk' Might Not Be All That Low


Some people who think they're at low risk for heart disease might be surprised about what a neck ultrasound could tell them about their hearts.

Today in New Orleans, researchers presented new data showing that people at the upper end of the "low risk" range for heart disease might actually be at higher risk than expected, and that a neck ultrasound would show that risk.

The finding comes from a study of more than 13,000 adults with no history of heart disease or stroke.(Read entire article)

2008-08-19 Ultrasound used to predict heart attack risk


Repeat exams using widely available and inexpensive ultrasound imaging could help identify patients at high risk for a heart attack or other adverse cardiovascular events, according to a study published in the September issue of the journal Radiology.

Researchers performed ultrasound imaging on the carotid arteries of 1,268 patients who were asymptomatic but at high risk for cardiovascular disease. Of those, ultrasound determined that 574 patients had carotid artery disease, as determined by the amount of plaque built up in the two vessels that supply blood to the head and neck. Each of those patients had a second ultrasound exam six to nine months later to measure changes in the plaque lining the arteries.(Read entire article)