2008-11-05 Depression, anxiety may exacerbate chronic pain


(Reuters Health) - People living with chronic pain may report more intense pain and related disability if they concurrently have depression, anxiety, or both, researchers report.

"Depression and anxiety may be unrecognized among patients with chronic pain," said Dr. Matthew J. Bair, of Roudebush VA Medical Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Left untreated, these conditions can have a devastating and profoundly negative impact on people with chronic pain, Bair told Reuters Health.(Read entire article)

2008-12-23 Chronic Pain Affects Mind As Well As Body - Back pain and similar afflictions often bring anxiety, depression.


n a recent study, people suffering from chronic pain, depression, and anxiety—a common triple-threat health problem—missed far more work than people who suffered from chronic pain alone.

THE DETAILS: Researchers studied 500 patients with chronic lower back, hip, or knee pain and evaluated how depression and anxiety affected them. Half of the participants said they only experienced pain; half of the patients had depression as well, and nearly a quarter reported having pain, depression, and anxiety. That group also experienced more severe pain. Patients who experienced all three health problems missed more than 42 days, while those who suffered from pain alone took 18 disability days.(Read entire article)