2008-11-03 Study: Even Small Amounts of Caffeine Harm Developing Fetuses


Pregnant women who consume as little as one cup of coffee a day are at a higher risk of giving birth to underweight babies, Reuters reported Monday.

The new findings were published in the British Medical Journal and represent the latest evidence that the amount of caffeine a person consumes — including that from coffee, tea, cola, chocolate, and some prescription drugs — may directly impact their health and lead to slower fetal growth in pregnant women.

Underweight babies are more likely to develop a host of health conditions as they grow, including high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems, according to the report.(Read entire article)

2007-08-21 Ask Dr Sears: caffeine in pregnancy -  Can caffeine harm my unborn baby?


I'm pregnant and while I know that caffeine isn't good for my baby-to-be I’ve developed an  addiction to the caffeinated sodas I drink daily. I've tried to stop drinking caffeinated beverages entirely but I get migraines if I don't intake some caffeine. Exactly how bad is caffeine for my unborn child? Should I just quit caffeine cold turkey, and deal with the migraines? (Read entire article)