2008-10-20 Studies: Lack of Sunlight, Cell Phones Damage Male Fertility


Two separate studies released this week sound warnings to men: If you don't get enough sunlight or talk endlessly on your cell phone, you could be damaging your fertility.

In the first study, Sydney researchers looking at 800 men with fertility problems found that almost a third of the men had lower than normal levels of vitamin D. Because sunlight is the major source of vitamin D, researchers believe that a lack of sunlight may damage sperm, the Australian Associated Press reported.

"In a significant number of these men, there were also elevated levels of homocysteine, an amino acid in the blood associated with cell toxicity, and deficiency in folate, which is essential for healthy new cells," said Dr. Anne Clark, medical director of the treatment centre Fertility First.(Read entire article)

2008-10-20 Mobile phone radiation fries sperm - study


MEN who talk for hours on their mobile phones could be jeopardising their chance of fathering a child, Australian research suggests.

An experiment on semen revealed evidence of DNA damage after 16 hours of exposure to radiation similar to the output of a mobile phone.

The preliminary study, presented at a fertility conference in Brisbane today, is the first of its kind, and supports US research showing heavy mobile phone users have up to 40 per cent lower sperm counts than lighter users. (Read entire article)