2008-08-07 Study: Infertility Treatments No Help - Drug Treatment and Intrauterine Insemination May Not Work When Used Separately


Two common infertility treatments do not improve fertility, according to a study conducted in the U.K.

Researchers compared drug treatment to induce ovulation with no treatment; they also compared intrauterine insemination -- in which the sperm are placed inside the uterus to facilitate fertilization -- with no treatment. They only studied couples with unexplained infertility, only one of many reasons for failing to conceive.

"What we found is that neither of these popular and commonly used treatments offered a higher birth rate than no treatment at all," says Siladitya Bhattacharya, MD, a professor of reproductive medicine at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and the study's lead author. "What we've shown is that neither of these first-line treatments is better than [the couples] trying themselves."(Read entire article)

2008-08-08 Fertility Treatments 'Don't Work'


Some common fertility treatments are no more effective than leaving things to Mother Nature, research suggests.

A study into the drug clomifene citrate and artificial insemination found that couples using either method did not have significantly higher chances of becoming pregnant than those not having treatment.

Experts writing in the British Medical Journal said current guidelines needed to be reviewed in light of the findings.(Read entire article)