2008-05-08 To Avoid Dementia, Watch Your Weight - Obesity Increases Alzheimer's Risk by 80%, but Being Underweight Also Boosts Chances for Dementia


Older adults who maintain a healthy weight may be preserving their mind and memory at the same time.

A study published in the May 2008 issue of Obesity Reviews shows that weight matters when it comes to warding off dementia. Researchers with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore have found that obese people have an 80% increased risk for Alzheimer's disease compared to those with normal weight.

But being underweight makes you 36% more likely to develop such cognitive disorders.(Read entire article)

2007-12-19 Moderate Exercise May Cut Dementia Risk - Walking, Climbing Stairs, and Other Physical Activity May Help Elders Avoid Dementia


Moderate physical activity (such as walking and climbing stairs) may help prevent dementia in people aged 65 and older.

Italian researchers report that news in today's online edition of Neurology.

They studied 749 Italians aged 65 and older for four years.

When the study started, participants didn't have dementia or mild cognitive impairment, which can lead to dementia. They noted their weekly physical activities, including how many city blocks they walk and how many flights of stairs they climb in a day.(Read entire article)