2008-04-30 Hormone May Predict Age at Menopause - Researchers Say Anti-Mullerian Hormone Levels May Be Accurate Predictor of Menopause Age


A hormone that is used to help assess the potential for pregnancy in assisted reproduction might prove to be an accurate predictor of a woman's age at menopause, a study shows.

If early findings are confirmed, researchers say anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) levels may predict age at menopause within one or two years in women as young as age 30.

Researcher Jeroem van Disseldorp, MD, tells WebMD that the early study shows the hormone to be a more sensitive predictor of age at menopause than chronological age alone.(Read entire article)

2008-04-30 New Blood Test Could Predict Onset of Menopause


Dutch scientists are developing a blood test that would detect when a woman will go through menopause.

The test would help women make decisions about their lifestyle, such as the age she should have children.

The test measures levels of a single hormone called AMH that decreases when a woman becomes less fertile.

The developers said this blood test is cheaper – and simpler – than tests that measure markers in the blood and indicate a woman’s fertility by how many eggs are left in her ovaries. Such a test already exists. (Read entire article)