2008-03-17 Chest Pain More Common in Women - Study Shows Women More Likely to Suffer From Stable Angina, a Sign of Heart Disease


Men might have more heart attacks, but women are more likely to suffer chest pain as a potential first sign of heart disease.

A new international study shows women are 20% more likely than men to suffer from chest pain, known as stable angina.

Researchers say the results show the commonly held image of a man as the typical victim of chest pain is incorrect.(Read entire article)

2008-03-17 Angina More Common in Women Than Men - That means many women may be under-treated for the heart condition, study suggests


While men suffer more heart attacks than women, women have a 20 percent higher prevalence of stable angina, according to a new study that conflicts with conventional medical wisdom.

Angina is a common and serious heart problem. It's caused by inadequate oxygen to the heart, which can lead to chest pain or discomfort on exertion that typically goes away with rest. The condition can result from partially blocked heart arteries or decreased flexibility of the cardiac arteries. (Read entire article)