2007-07-30 Caffeine, Exercise May Cut Skin Cancer - Study Shows Caffeine and Exercise Together May Help Kill Some Sun-Damaged Skin Cells


A cup of coffee after your morning jog may help your skin fight the damaging effects of the sun and prevent skin cancer.

A new study with mice shows the combination of caffeine and regular exercise appears to help kill some of the precancerous cells damaged by the sun's ultraviolet-B (UVB) radiation.

The sun-protective effect of this caffeine-exercise combination is still no excuse to skimp on the sunscreen. But researchers say the two may work together to prevent skin cancer better than either element alone.(Read entire article)

2007-07-30 Study: Caffeine, Exercise 'Markedly' Decrease the Risk for Melanoma Skin Cancer


Forget lathering on the sunscreen. Taking a run and cooling off with an ice coffee may be enough to prevent skin cancer, a new study says.

Researchers at New Jersey-based Rutgers University have found that drinking coffee and exercising speeds up the killing off of cells damaged by ultraviolet-B radiation.

The study specifically examined UVB apoptosis — the programmed death of cells that become damaged by ultraviolet rays – in hairless mice. This sort of cell-suicide helps prevent the formation of deadly melanoma skin cancer(Read entire article)