2007-07-17 Common spice may help Alzheimer's patients



(Reuters Health) - If laboratory findings hold true in people, treatment with one of the active chemicals in turmeric, the main spice found curry, may boost the immune system of patients with Alzheimer's disease and, thereby, increase the clearance of amyloid plaques in the brain, the primary abnormality seen in patients with the disease, researchers in the United States report.


In their study, Dr. Milan Fiala, from the Greater Los Angeles Veteran's Affairs Medical Center, and colleagues first show that immune cells called macrophages taken from patients with Alzheimer's disease cannot efficiently eliminate amyloid and that this may be related to the abnormal regulation of certain genes.(Read entire article)


2007-07-16 Curry Spice May Counter Alzheimer's - Chemical in Curry Spice May Help Delete Ingredient in Alzheimer's Brain Plaque



A chemical in the curry spice turmeric might inspire new Alzheimer's disease treatments, a new study shows.

In preliminary lab tests, the chemical helped rid the blood of a key ingredient in Alzheimer's brain plaque.

One day, it might be possible to give Alzheimer's patients blood infusions of the curry chemical to help their immune system delete that brain plaque ingredient, note the researchers. (Read entire article)