2007-07-05 Epilepsy Linked to Higher Suicide Risk - Study Shows Women With Epilepsy Have Greater Suicide Risk Than Men With Epilepsy


People with epilepsy are three times more likely to commit suicide than the general population, and women with the disease have a greater suicide risk than men, according to new research from Denmark.

The Danish study is not the first to link epilepsy to an increase in suicide, but it is the first to use a comprehensive, nationwide population registry to investigate the association.

Newly diagnosed epilepsy patients were more than five times more likely to commit suicide than patients who had been diagnosed more than six months previously. A 29-fold increase in suicide risk was seen in newly diagnosed patients with a history of psychiatric illness.(Read entire article)

2007-07-03 New Onset Epilepsy Linked to Increased Suicide Risk



Epilepsy was associated with a three-fold increase in risk for suicide and the risk was even greater in patients with psychiatric conditions who were newly diagnosed with the neurologic disorder.

During the six months following diagnosis of epilepsy in a patient with a history of psychiatric disease there was a 29-fold increase in risk of suicide (OR 29.2, 95% CI 16.4-51.9, P <0.0001), according to findings published online today by Lancet Neurology. (Read entire article)