2007-06-04 Flaxseed, ginseng show benefit in cancer treatment


(Reuters) - Flaxseed slowed the growth of prostate tumors in men, while ginseng helped relieve the fatigue that cancer patients often feel, U.S. researchers reported on Saturday in two of the first scientifically rigorous looks at alternative medicine.

The studies reflect doctors' efforts to explore the risks and benefits of foods and supplements that are routinely taken by their patients with little scientific proof they help.

Americans spend between $36 billion and $47 billion a year on complementary and alternative therapies, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.(Read entire article)

2007-08-10 Study: Flaxseed May Fight Prostate Cancer


Flaxseed, a high-fiber and omega 3-fatty acid-rich compound, appears to halt the formation of prostate tumors, according to a study led by Duke University Medical Center researchers.

The seed, which is similar to a sesame seed and belongs to a group of compounds called lignans, may be able to interrupt events that lead cells to divide irregularly and become cancerous, concluded the study.

“Our previous studies in animals and in humans had shown a correlation between flaxseed supplementation and slowed tumor growth, but the participants in those studies had taken flaxseed in conjunction with a low-fat diet,” said Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, a Duke School of Nursing researcher and lead investigator on the study, in a news release. (Read entire article)