2007-05-15 Too many vitamins linked with prostate cancer


(Reuters) - Men who pop too many vitamins in the hope of improving their health may in fact be raising their risk of the deadliest form of prostate cancer, especially men with a family history of the disease, researchers reported on Tuesday.

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute found that men who exceeded the recommended dose - taking more than seven multivitamins a week - increased their risk of advanced cancer by about 30 percent.

The researchers followed 295,344 men over five years to see if there was a link between multivitamin use and prostate cancer.(Read entire article)

2007-05-15 Study: Vitamins Tied to Prostate Cancer


There's more worrisome news about vitamins: Taking too many may increase men's risk of dying from prostate cancer.

The study, being published Wednesday, doesn't settle the issue. But it is the biggest yet to suggest high-dose multivitamins may harm the prostate, and the latest chapter in the confusing quest to tell whether taking various vitamins really helps a variety of conditions _ or is a waste of money, or worse. (Read entire article)