2007-05-01 Yoga gives immune boost to breast cancer survivors


(Reuters Health) - In breast cancer survivors, the Iyengar method of yoga not only promotes psychological well-being, but seems to offer immune system benefits as well, according to research reported Monday.

The research was reported at the American Physiological Society meeting in Washington, DC.

The Iyengar method, created by B. K. S. Iyengar, "is considered to be one of the more active forms of yoga," lead researcher and presenter Pamela E. Schultz from Washington State University, Spokane, told Reuters Health.(Read entire article)

2007-05 Iyengar Yoga Promotes Well-Being in Cancer Survivors


Last year alone some 213,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer. The good news is that 2 million women have survived. Many women with breast cancer seek complementary interventions that will enhance their quality of life. However, research is lacking about whether programs such as yoga also benefit immune function.

A new study of breast cancer survivors practicing Iyengar yoga—a form of yoga that incorporates all of the components of physical fitness and focuses on structural body alignment as well as mental relaxation—has found that breast cancer survivors who practice yoga experience changes in the way their immune cells respond to activation signals. This may be important for understanding how physical activity and meditative practices benefit the immune system. The function of genes in immune cells can be regulated by proteins called transcription factors.(Read entire article)