2007-03-14 Alzheimer's Diagnosis Often Delayed - Survey: Symptoms Typically Start Nearly 3 Years Before Diagnosis


A diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease is typically delayed by nearly three years from the start of symptoms, a new poll shows.  

Misconceptions and stigma about Alzheimer's disease may be partly to blame for the delay, according to the poll.

The poll included 655 U.S. adults who care for a friend or relative with Alzheimer's disease.(Read entire article)

2006-03-21 Critical Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Delayed for Years by Stigma and Denial - National survey finds longest delays when fear manifested in caregiver


The stigma and denial of the developing symptoms of Alzheimer's disease delays treatment for more than two years (28.7 months) on average. But, when this fear is manifested in the caregiver, delay of diagnosis is even more severe, averaging 6 years (71.4 months). These are findings in a new survey from the Alzheimer's Foundation of America.

When it is the people with Alzheimer's disease that are concerned about stigma, a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease occurred on average 3.5 years (40.1 months) after symptoms appear. (Read entire article)