2007-03-01 Drinking a little wine linked to men's longer life


Drinking a small amount of wine appears to extend men's life expectancy by a few years, Dutch researchers said on Wednesday in the latest study to find benefits in moderate drinking.

Dutch researchers sought to gauge the impact on health and life expectancy of long-term alcohol consumption, tracking 1,373 men born between 1900 and 1920 who lived in Zutphen, an industrial town in the Netherlands.(Read entire article)

2007-02-28 Wine Drinkers May Live Longer, Dutch Study Finds


Men who drink about half a glass of wine a day over decades may outlive teetotalers by four years on average, a 40-year Dutch study shows.

But that's not a reason to start drinking, or to drink too much, the researchers say.

"Since alcohol consumption can be addictive, starting to drink alcohol because of its positive health benefits is not advised," says researcher Martinette Streppel in an American Heart Association news release.(Read entire article)