2007-02-01 Hair Dye Allergies on the Rise - As More Teens Use Hair Color, Incidence of Allergies Increases


Tattoos and body piercings are so yesterday. These days the hottest fashion trend among teens is hair that screams in shocking colors like Napalm Orange, Atomic Pink, and Electric Blue.

Some parents may breathe a sigh of relief; even the most "permanent" dye job isn’t as permanent as a tattoo, or a pierced lip or tongue.

But as more and more young people color their hair, the incidence of hair dye allergies is also increasing, warns a group of European dermatologists.(Read entire article)

2007-02-02 Curl up and dye: Allergy to hair coloring on the rise


Allergy to hair dye is soaring in numerous countries as more and more young people color their locks, according to a medical journal.

The culprit is para-phenylenediamine (PPD) and its cousins in a chemical family called aromatic amines, the mainstay of hair dyes for more than a century, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) warns in Saturday's issue.

Allergic response to PPD is well-documented, causing eczema on the face or around the hairline, but in some cases the reaction is so severe that the victim's face swells up and causes painful bruising, needing hospital treatment. (Read entire article)