2006-12-29 Scientists Discover Gene Therapy for Depression


Scientists have discovered a new gene that makes mice happy, a finding that suggests another avenue of drugs for improving depression in humans.

The research represents the first time that depression has been eliminated genetically in any organism, said Guy Debonnel, a psychiatrist and professor at McGill University.

Debonnel and his colleagues achieved this effect by creating and breeding mice lacking a gene also found in humans that affects the transmission of the mood-modulating chemical serotinin.(Read entire article)

2006-11-06 Scientists Find Problem & Possible Solution In Gene Therapy Delivery


Scientists at the University of Denver and the University of Colorado believe they are on the trail of a promising solution to a long-standing mechanical roadblock in the delivery of gene therapy.

"Gene therapy has kind of come to a halt because we can't get the DNA to the cell efficiently enough to make a difference," explains Dr. Corinne Lengsfeld, associate professor of engineering at the University of Denver.
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