2006-12-05 First-Time Mom: Higher Depression Risk - Postpartum Depression Risk Is Highest in Baby's First Month


First-time mothers have a higher risk for postpartum depression than other new moms, and their risk is greatest during their first three months of parenthood, a Danish study shows.

Compared with women who had given birth 11 to 12 months earlier, first-time mothers were found to have seven times the risk of psychiatric-related hospital admissions during the first 10 to 19 days of their baby's life.

The increase in risk remained throughout the first three months after childbirth, regardless of the age of the mother. Postpartum risk appeared to decrease with subsequent pregnancies, researcher Trine Munk-Olsen, MSc, tells WebMD.(Read entire article)

2006-12-05 Depression, Mental Woes More Common in First-Time Moms - The risk is highest in first months after birth, study finds


Women who have recently given birth to their first child have a higher risk of hospitalization for mental disorders, such as depression, than other women.

But, new fathers don't seem to share a similar increased risk of serious mental illness after the birth of their first child.

Those are just two of the findings from a 22-year study, published in the Dec. 6 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, that followed more than 2 million Danish-born adults throughout their lifetimes. (Read entire article)