2006-10-17 Report: Benefits of Eating Fish Outweigh Risks


Eating seafood twice a week is good for your heart and generally outweighs the risk of exposure to mercury and other dangerous contaminants, the Institute of Medicine said Tuesday.

Even so, the government needs to help consumers figure out which seafood is safer, an Institute report said.

"The confusion may have scared people out of eating something that is beneficial for them and maybe for their offspring," said Jose Ordovas, a Tufts University researcher and member of the report committee.(Read entire article)

2006-10-18 Health benefits of eating fish outweigh risks from mercury



Independent reports based on analysis of seafood studies were released Tuesday from both the Institute of Medicine and Harvard, stating that the health benefits of seafood outweigh the risks of exposure to environmental contaminants such as mercury.

The reports agreed that increasing media attention to seafood contaminants had obscured public health messages concerning seafood's benefits. Chemicals, metals, and harmful microbes can be found in seafood -- usually in different levels dependent on geographical region and species -- and the government issued a warning to pregnant women to reduce their consumption of certain species to reduce their risk of mercury exposure, but lead researcher of the Harvard study, Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, said the American public latched onto this warning. (Read entire article)