2006-09-08 Heart May Give Advance Notice of 'Sudden' Cardiac Death


Sudden cardiac death may not be so sudden after all.

A new study suggests people often develop symptoms of cardiac arrest, like chest pain or breathlessness, around two hours beforehand. In addition, up to two-thirds of sudden cardiac death victims have a history of heart disease that puts them at risk for cardiac arrest.

Researchers say learning to recognize these warning signs of cardiac arrest may offer a window of opportunity to prevent sudden cardiac death.(Read entire article)

2006-09-11 Cardiac Death Patients Often Show Symptoms


A University of Berlin study has said patients who succumb to sudden cardiac death often show symptoms of cardiac arrest two hours before dying.

The study of 406 cases of cardiac arrest at a mobile intensive care unit in Berlin also found that up to two-thirds of the patients had a history of heart disease, WebMD reported Monday.

Our study suggests that shifting the focus to educating high-risk patients and families may lead to earlier recognition, a quicker call to the emergency medical system, a higher percentage of bystander CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation), and thus to a higher probability of survival in patients with sudden cardiac death, said researcher Dirk Muller of the University of Berlin.(Read entire article)