About Taiwan Scientific
2003: Taiwan Scientific Corp. was founded in Taipei, Taiwan

2004: Taiwan Scientific licensed technologies developed by Dr. Sun’s group from Industrial Technology Research Institute
      Taiwan Patent 176,323 “Non-invasive radial artery blood pressure waveform measuring apparatus system and uses thereof” granted

2005: ANSWatch-I received GMP approval and Medical Device Registration from Taiwan FDA
      US Patent 6,811,536  “Non-invasive Apparatus and System for Monitoring Autonomic Nervous System and Uses Thereof “ granted

2006: US Patent 7,074,190 “Non-invasive apparatus system for monitoring drug hepatoxicity and uses thereof” granted

2009: ISO 13485 (International medical device standard) certified   

2010: Taiwan Patent I 323652 “Non-invasive radial artery blood pressure waveform measuring method and uses thereof” granted
      ANSWatch-II released
      ANSWatch compatibility with Google® Health certified

2011: ANSWatch II received CE Mark certification
     Taiwan Patent 99113624 “Non-invasive radial artery blood pressure waveform measuring apparatus system used for measurement of
     opening and closing functions of heart valves and thereof” applied

2012: Taiwan Scientific received D&B DUNS certification
      Total ANSWatch units sold reached 1,000  (more than 300 hospitals, clinics, universities, corporations, and individuals)

2013: Taiwan Scientific joined Apple Developer Program
      US Patent 8,344,040 B2 “Polyolefin treatment process for uniform crosslinking” granted
      ANSWatch tests synchronized with iPad, iPhone, and Android phones via blue-tooth wireless connection demonstrated
      ANSWatch-II (registered as HRVWatch) received FDA 510(k) approval

2016: ANSWatch-Mini received ISO 13485 certification
      ANSWtch-Mini compatibility with Android OS demonstrated via blue-tooth
      ANSWatch-Mini compatibility with Windows OS demonstrated via blue-tooth
      ANSWatch-Mini upload function to cloud demonstrated

2017: ANSWatch-Mini CE audit / review approved (certification pending)
      ANSWatch-Mini US FDA 510(k) design change approved based upon FDA guideline and internal review
      Total ANSWatch units sold reached 4,000  (more than 500 hospitals, clinics, universities, corporations, and also individuals)