- a Smart Mobile Medical Watch
Main Functions
  • Blue-tooth wireless  communication between ANSWatch®-Mini  and  a
    smartphone, a tablet, or a Windows PC
  • Pulse waveforms displayed on the phone or PC's screen on real-time basis
  • Measures  systolic  pressure,  diastolic pressure,  heart rate, and heart rate
    variability HRV
  • Auto detect  irregular heartbeats
Key features
  • Test posture: lie-down or sitting (under resting conditions; at home or indoor)
  • Test time: 6 minutes
  • Proprietary bio-sensor (similar principle used in ultrasound scanning) embedded in
    the cuff
  • Real-time relaxation biofeedback supported
  • AI technology and large clinical database utilized for auto-detection of hypertension,
    hypotension, tachycardia, bradycardia, irregular heartbeat, and dysautonomia
  • One click away from loading the test data to designated cloud / server
Targeted Disease and Symptom
Consultation Service
  • ANSWatch®-Mini specifically designed for professional consulting
  • After testing initiated by a paired smart phone (iOS or Android) or a Windows
    PC, the saved test data and summary are uploaded to cloud by pressing a
    screen button
  • Patients press <Members Area> screen button to log into their own <My Health
  • Test results are reviewed and analyzed by AI and professionals
  • Trending, warning, and physician's messages are included in the private health
  • Findings and instructions are sent out to patients via e-mail, Skype, LINE,
    WeChat, or other media
  • Demo web server being developed
Physiological Parameter
Targeted Disease
Systolic Pressure
Hypertension; hypotension
Headaches; vertigo;
lightheadedness; tinnitus;
altered vision; fainting; lack of
concentration; nausea; pale
skin; fatigue; depression; thirst
Diastolic Pressure
Hypertension; hypotension
Same as above
Heart Rate
Tachycardia; bradycardia
Rapid pounding beats;
skipped beats; palpitation;
fatigue; dizziness; shortness
of breath; chest pain; collapse
Irregular Heartbeat
HR, HRV, arterial hardening,
arrhythmia; atrial or ventricular
fibrillation; psychotic drug
side effects
40 and older
Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
Autonomic neuropathy;
POTS; diabetes; obesity;
anxiety; depression;
cardiovascular diseases;
mental illness; psychotic drug
side effects; beta-blockers,
ACE, and calcium-channel
blockers side effects
Orthostatic hypotension;
blurry vision; dry mouth; rapid
heartbeat; sexual problems;
headaches; dizziness;
constipation; incontinence;
excessive or diminished
sweating; loss of balance;
sleep difficulties; coldness of