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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
8. As a researcher, how can I make use of ANSWatch product series?

There are more than 20,000 papers in literature since 1970's on cardiovascular,
neurological, psychiatric, and psychological diseases.  More than 5,000  papers have
been published on heart rate variability (HRV) alone.  Integrated medicine related
papers are on the rise recently.

Within 7 minutes, ANSWatch measures blood pressures (systolic, diastolic, and
mean), heart rate, irregular heartbeats (cardiac arrhythmias, auto detection and
reporting), heart rate variability (autonomic nervous system (ANS) total activity,
sympathetic and parasympathetic activity indexes, sympatho-vagal balance ratio, etc.),
and detailed pulse waveform analysis (mitral valve prolapse MVP, arterial hardening,
Chinese finger diagnosis, etc.).

We are pleased to note that several university professors and graduate students have
chosen ANSWatch product series for their research programs (
see a representative list
here).  The list is soon to expand as our products are now available globally.

As a researcher, you will focus on certain patient parameters that are related to your
research topic.  Some tips and general advices are given below:

  • Use the three ANSWatch models (Pro, Deluxe, and Standard) in a smart way to
    take advantage of their specific features.  See the comparison here
  • Avoid testing right after a strenuous activity.  Allow the body condition to return to
    normal (judged by heart rate)
  • Design your protocol so that you can investigate both the short term and long term
    effects.  For instance, the effect of music therapy can be assessed by (1)
    comparison of test results between (a) before listening music (b) after listening
    music (short term effect), and (2) comparison of test results between (a)
    conducted this month (b) conducted last month, on subjects who have been
    listening music on constant basis (long term effect)  
  • Make full use of Real Time Test.  This function (available in all three models but
    more robust in the Pro model) allows measurement of transitory effects. It's total
    test time is controlled by the user but limited to 20 minutes. An example of testing
    the effect of drinking coffee would be to test: (1) 5 minutes at rest in sitting posture
    (2) drinking coffee at 5-minute (3) follow-up until 20 minute.  Heart rate and HRV
    are reported every 10 sec.
  • Understand the state of homeostasis in the body.  ANS is the primary feedback
    control system for achieving homeostasis of vital signs (blood pressures, heart
    rate, body temperature, hormones, etc.).  When major organ systems encounter
    changes or new demands, ANS (sympathetic and / or parasympathetic branches)
    will be activated to modulate, supplement, or compensate.   
  • Pay attention to the root causes of ANS imbalance or dysautonomia. In certain
    cases, inheritance causes deficiency in major organ's functions so that ANS
    behaves abnormally on a constant basis.  For example, if a person is born with a
    very slow heart rate (defect at the sinus node in the heart), sympathetic branch is
    activated (or parasympathetic branch is withdrawn) on a constant basis in order to
    raise the heart rate. In the ANS test report, this person would show a very high
    LF/HF (such as 4.0, instead of 1.0 for healthy people);  In other cases, the ANS
    abnormality can be short term and reversible.  
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ANSWatch customers
(professionals and
individuals) for
experience sharing and
in-depth discussions at  
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