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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
19. How to back up the test data stored in PC?

Test data storage in ANSWach wrist monitor is limited (maximum: 10 complete test
data sets and 50 summary test data sets (without the raw data); once the maximum
storage is reached, older data will be overridden by newer data).  It is a good practice
to sync the test data frequently between ANSWatch and PC.  To back up the test data
stored in PC, follow these steps:

  • Locate the database file holder that contain test reports at c:\ANSWatch2\Database
  • Copy this file holder to another hard drive or a flash disk
  • Note that each time the software ANSWatch Manager is upgraded, the program
    backs up its database and saves it as YearMonthDate_upgrade_backup at the
    same location.  So, if you accidentally delete certain patient accounts and need an
    older version of the database, you can copy it there.
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